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In today's world people are surrounded by technology. These products or systems are intended to simplify our life, but they often just make it more complicated. Technology Accord provides the skills and services to bring your technology into alignment with the way you want to utilize it.

Technology Accord was founded by an individual who has a natural gift of understanding many different technology concepts. We couple this understanding with a unique ability to listen to your needs, which enables us to quickly and effectively resolve issues for you. Issues may not necessarily be things that are broken, but can also include enhancements or new techniques to perform old tasks more effectively.


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We serve residential and business customers in the greater Houston area. Our goal is to provide our clients with impeccable service.

Integrity, punctuality and reliability are cornerstones of our business. Your personal files and privacy will never be compromised by us.


Our billing rates are kept simple - $85/hr for residential or $110/hr for businesses (minimum one hour for on-site work). Many issues can be resolved in the first hour. Additional time is billed in increments of 15 minutes.


Technology Accord, LLC
PO Box 130333, Houston, TX 77219.

Tel: 713-864-6481
Fax: 713-589-3365

General Number: 1911 or MyTechGuy


Many issues can be resolved over the phone or via a remote support session. This method of support enables us to provide you with help much faster, plus it can save you money because we can bill in shorter time increments. To facilitate the remote support session, we utilize a remote agent from a trusted industry leader in the field. The remote agent does not have to be installed on your machine, you simply download and run it. You initiate the connection using an ID number and password. This assures you that we can't access your machine without your permission.

Click on the icon above, then either save the file to your computer (useful for future support sessions), or just run it. Please call or email to arrange an appointment for your remote assistance session before running the program.